Infj woman single

infj woman single

Are INFJ women emotional or logical?

Something that can often be a struggle for the INFJ female, is that they are both emotional and logical people. They often favor their emotions, simply because they want to be aware of others and considerate of their feelings. At the same time, INFJ women are often extremely logical.

Do INFJs have high standards in love?

An INFJ can thrive in life with just one strong connection. So when it comes to love — the most significant relationship many of us experience — INFJs won’t settle for anything less than glorious. 2. You’re waiting for someone else to make the first move. So, high standards aren’t the only reason INFJs might still be single.

What should an INFJ not do when dating an ex?

Don’t: Badmouth your ex, talk about “all you women,” or bemoan your single status. This will just make you look pathetic. Since INFJs so easily pick up on your emotions, this will be a drag. Do: Listen to her when she talks, go along with her when she says something weird or philosophical.

What happens when an INFJ woman is alone?

In order to be fully supportive and giving to the people they love, the INFJ needs to recharge their internal batteries. Without this alone time, they will become a shell of themselves. This can sometimes be hard for people to understand, especially when it comes to the INFJ female.

What do INFJ women like in a relationship?

To an INFJ female, physical intimacy is crucial. While they absolutely love to talk with their partners, they also see physical intimacy as a way to connect even deeper. So, if your partner is an INFJ female, don’t hold back from initiating physical touch. INFJ women are introverts. So, they get their energy back when they spend time alone.

Why do INFJs like to be alone?

It’s important for them to get plenty of alone time to give their dominant function, Introverted Intuition, time to breathe and be fully accessible. After too much time spent socializing, INFJs may suddenly decide to retreat from the social realm for an indefinite time.

How do INFJs react to sadness?

INFJs interact with the outside world using Extraverted Feeling (Fe). This means that they are remarkably attuned to the emotions and moods of others. They “absorb” the feelings of the people around them. If they are with people who are sad, they will feel sad.

Are INFJ’s selfish?

INFJs love the people close to them very much, but they cannot be at their beck and call. They require a lot of time to themselves, which can sometimes be seen as “selfish” by those who do not understand them. In order to be fully supportive and giving to the people they love, the INFJ needs to recharge their internal batteries.

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