Dating old fireplaces

dating old fireplaces

Are fireplaces still important in period homes?

Whether highly ornate or simple and rustic, a fireplace continues to be a source of warmth and comfort in the home—still one of the most desired elements in any period house today. Mary Ellen Polson is a writer and Senior Editor for Arts & Crafts Homes, Early Homes, and Old House Journal.

What is an antique fireplace?

A typical antique fireplace of this period is easily sorted from the proceeding Victorian and Georgian period fireplaces, these designs were very organic incorporating more floral and plant inspired motifs, as well as highly stylised flowing curvilinear forms.

What is the purpose of a fireplace?

(Photo: Edward Addeo) The fireplace was a necessity in early America. As the hub of the house, a burning hearth provided heat, housed multiple fires for cooking and baking, and served as the nucleus of family gatherings.

Why choose our cast iron antique fireplaces and fire surrounds?

Our cast iron antique fireplaces and antique fire surrounds are a tribute to this era in time; we have professionally restored them to such a standard as to compliment this revolutionary movement in design history, and we take great pride in displaying the work of these great designers in its truest form.

Why do houses have so many fireplaces?

With the invention of brick, homes were built with larger centralized fireplaces and more expensive homes often included more than one to provide more localized heat for occupants. As heating & cooling technologies advanced, the fireplace took a less centralized role and became more of an aesthetic feature in the home.

Do you still build new homes with fireplaces?

There are many home builders who continue to build new homes with fireplaces included; however, about 15 years ago, our team decided to remove fireplaces from the standard features of our homes and allow customers to decide if they wanted to add one to their home. Since then, less than 10% of our homes are built with fireplaces.

Is it cheaper to heat a house with a fireplace?

Heating – A fireplace is typically a cheaper way of heating a home, especially if it is central to the home. It’s a quick way to warm up the room in which everyone is gathered. Environmentally friendly – Gas fireplaces produce few emissions and reduce your dependence on electricity.

What is a fireplace in a house?

The fireplace is a sparkling focal point in historic homes. Early fireplaces were very wide and deep, which allowed for multiple pots to be cooking simultaneously, but also caused a lot of heat loss.

Why choose cast iron fireplace surrounds?

Cast iron is also used in other parts of the fireplace such as fire surrounds, panels and various fireplace accessories such as pokers and grates. From the gracefulness of the early 1800s to the exuberance of Art Nouveau, our antique fireplace surrounds add warmth and elegance to any room or living space.

What are antique cast iron fire surrounds?

Antique cast iron fire surrounds come from all periods; Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts. Victorian fireplace surrounds are the most decorative usually with an abundance of detail.

Why choose a Victorian fireplace?

Why Choose a Victorian Fireplace? Victorian fireplaces are instantly recognisable due to the way they are composed, traditionally being made of a wood, marble or stone surround with a decorative cast iron insert with tiled insert being introduced later in the period.

Can cast iron be used for fireplace grates?

Cast iron is often used in the design of fireplace inserts such as register grates, tiled grates and arched grates and is exclusively used in the design of antique combination grates sometimes referred to as “ all in one” cast iron fireplaces.

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