Telstra internet hookup

telstra internet hookup

How does it work on Telstra broadband?

It works on any device connected to your Telstra home internet, and it’s included in the monthly price while you stay connected on our new internet plans (or any other eligible plan). Your security starts with safer broadband with Network Protection.

How do I switch to Telstra NBN?

Connect in 4 easy steps. Enter your address below to find out which type of nbn connection you can get. Choose the Telstra nbn plan thats right for you. Once youve ordered, well start your switch to nbn. Well send you everything you need, including a Telstra Smart Modem for new customers. Well let you know if you need a technician.

Can I still connect to Telstra if my Telstra connection has been disconnected?

Meanwhile you can still connect with Telstra on Cable, ADSL or Mobile Broadband, then switch to nbn HFC when its available. If the ADSL or Cable connection at your address has already been disconnected, you’ll still be able to connect to nbn HFC.

What is the Telstra my Telstra app?

The My Telstra app lets you track usage, view upcoming and past payments, and make changes to your account. All of our new Upfront Mobile and Upfront Data plans include data sharing between up to 10 Upfront Mobile and Data plans on the same account. These 10 plans can be a combination of Upfront Mobile and Upfront Data plans.

What is Telstra broadband protect?

Telstra Broadband Protect is an extra feature on eligible broadband plans that gives you protection on your home internet and Wi-Fi from websites hosting known malware, malicious content and scams. Features include: Broadband Protection is automatically activated on your eligible home broadband internet plan.

Who can use Telstra Air?

Telstra Air is available to Telstra customers who have at least one of the following services: Pre-Paid mobile Mobile on a plan Home broadband (ADSL, Cable or nbn™ services with a compatible gateway) Mobile broadband

How does Telstra smart modem work?

The Telstra Smart Modem switches frequencies depending on your distance from it, so you always have an optimised signal around the home. Backed up by Australia’s best 4G mobile network in case the nbn™ goes down, Telstra Smart Modem switches seamlessly to give you a reliable home Wi-Fi experience.

What is Telstra TV and how does it work?

Telstra TV gives users customers access to both paid subscriptions (Netflix, Foxtel Now, Stan, Disney+, etc.) and free TV, like the ones mentioned above.

What if Im switching from another internet provider to Telstra? Its a simple process - just select the Telstra internet plan thats right for you and once youve taken up the plan, we’ll transfer your service across from your old provider.

Where can I download the my Telstra app?

This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The My Telstra app is helping over 4.5 mil users securely access and manage their Telstra accounts and services.

What can I do with my Telstra?

Sign in with a Telstra ID or create one when you’ve downloaded the app and get the latest on your services, Telstra Plus points, bills and payments when you want it, shop latest devices and accessories and get help when you need it, all in one place. My Telstra makes it easy to do what you need to do without the wait.

Do I need a Telstra ID to sign into the app?

You’ll need a Telstra ID to sign into the app. If you don’t have one, you can register for a Telstra ID now . Earn points for rewards, just for being with us. View bills, make payments, track data usage and recharge your pre-paid service.

Can I Stay on the Telstra 24x7 app?

Yes, you may choose to stay on the Telstra 24x7 app, however we’ll be ceasing support for the Telstra 24x7 app in the coming months. I’m a small business customer. Can I use the My Telstra app? Yes, you’ll be able to use the app to manage your services and devices. How much space do I need on my device to install the My Telstra app?

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