Nimbin hook up alternative

nimbin hook up alternative

How do you get to Nimbin?

Since Nimbin is a little town tucked away in the hills, you’re going to have to get there by road. A road trip to Nimbin is one of the best things you could do in New South Wales. The drive to the land of hippies is spectacular, and attracts more visitors than every other place in the region.

What is the history of Nimbin?

The Australian Woodstock! Nimbin has a pretty fascinating history. In 1973, a group of students from Canberra organizes a back-to-earth movement and a counter-culture festival in Nimbin, celebrating an alternative lifestyle and marijuana : its the Aquarius Festival. Young people and artists come from all over the country to enjoy the party.

How did Nimbin become Australia’s favourite alternative lifestyle town?

In 1973, when it played host to the Aquarius counter-cultural festival, the town emerged as a haven for those people wanting to deviate from the normal way of living life. A group of Sydney University students discovered Nimbin as a perfect spot for the alternative lifestyle festival.

Is it safe to consume cannabis in Nimbin?

A majority of locals and travelers visiting Nimbin indulge in the consumption of cannabis. However, always know that you can be tested for the same. This needs to be kept in mind especially if you’re planning on driving.

How to plan a trip to Nimbin?

To plan a trip to Nimbin (New South Wales) by car, train, bus or by bike is definitely useful the service by with information and driving directions always up to date.

How to get from Sydney to Nimbin without a car?

The best way to get from Sydney to Nimbin without a car is to train which takes 12h 38m and costs $160 - $230. How long does it take to get from Sydney to Nimbin? It takes approximately 6h 41m to get from Sydney to Nimbin, including transfers. Where do I catch the Sydney to Nimbin bus from?

Where is Nimbin located?

Nimbin is a village located in the Northern Rivers area of the state of New South Wales in Australia. Nimbin is 65 km inland (west) of Byron Bay in the hinterland, and 180km to the south of Brisbane.

How far is Nimbin from Melbourne by road?

The distance between Melbourne and Nimbin is 1280 km. The road distance is 1594.4 km. How do I travel from Melbourne to Nimbin without a car? The best way to get from Melbourne to Nimbin without a car is to train which takes 24h 55m and costs $240 - $480.

Is weed openly sold in Nimbin?

In Nimbin weed is openly sold and consumed and there seems to be little police control on cannabis. It is still advised to not smoke or buy weed right in front of cops however, as they might give you a fine. Considering Nimbin is the cannabis capital of Australia, getting weed should not be much of an issue.

Is Nimbin safe to visit?

Although Nimbin is pretty liberal about drugs (cannabis, hash, mushrooms), the rest of Australia isn’t. As a tourist, do not risk carrying any drug with you when driving in and out of Nimbin. There have been instances of cops conducting random spot checks.

Where is Nimbin located?

Overseen by majestic rocks, it is situated on the legendary Pacific Coast of Australia. Although it has gained popularity and stardom by means of its heavy association with cannabis, Nimbin is much more than that.

Whats it like to eat out in Nimbin?

Nimbin has a host of great restaurants, bars and eateries you can dine at. Most of the ingredients are sourced and grown locally, using organic or bio-dynamic methods of farming. You’re going to love eating out in Nimbin.

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