Towbar hookup

towbar hookup

How do you attach a tow bar to the crossbar?

Your tow bar should include a metal plate or ‘housing’ that attaches to the crossbar; once you’ve fixed this in place, bolt the tow bar neck to the housing, making sure to use the specified torque settings. If you’re using a flange ball design, you’ll also have to fasten the tow ball to the face plate.

Does your tow bar come with an instruction manual?

Your tow bar will come with a detailed instruction manual – make sure you follow it! Before you begin, check that you’re not invalidating any warranties by doing the work yourself. There are basically two different types of tow bars on the market – a flange ball tow bar, and a swan neck tow bar.

Where do you put a tow bar on a front bumper?

This should be on some sturdy location on your front bumper, as thats where the tow bar will be attaching to the back of your towing vehicle. Make sure that your tow bar will sit properly on your front bumper. This means that youll want to put the tow bar up against the bumper and see that it fits comfortably.

How do I know if my tow bar fits?

This means that youll want to put the tow bar up against the bumper and see that it fits comfortably. You also want to test that theres enough room, on the width of the bumper, to drill your holes to attach the bar. This may require the help of a friend.

How do I fit a tow bar to my car?

To fit a tow bar to your car, youll need to screw it to your bumper and attach a safety chain. Make sure your tow bar fits onto your bumper before you drill holes in it. Before attaching your car to the towing vehicle, youll need to wire the tow bar to connect the vehicles’ electrical systems and make sure the turn signal lights work.

How do I install the crossbar on my front bumper?

Once you have removed the bumper and made relevant bumper cuts, ensure that all surfaces are clean and rubber covers have been removed first. Next, you need to bolt the brackets into the bolt holes and install the main crossbar to the fitting brackets.

Do you need a mounting bracket to attach a tow bar?

Regardless of the tow-bar that you choose, you need to attach a mounting bracket before you attach the bar. The mounting bracket, sometimes called a base plate, is used to attach the tow bar to the towed vehicle. You want to make sure that your mounting bracket will fit specifically to your make of car, as well as the vehicle that you are towing.

What is a tow bar crossbar?

This is the metal frame that anchors the tow bar to your car’s chassis. Before you get started, there are a few important checks to make first: Give the crossbar a once over, and remove any rubber seals from the mounting points.

How do I find the available towbars for my car?

Click on the car brand overview for the matching towbars. During the following steps, select model, type and manufacturing year based on these details, an overview of the available towbars for your car will appear.

Can I fit my own towbar?

Anyone could fit their own towbar if they really wanted to by following the fitting instructions provided with the towbar. But, without the right knowledge and expertise, you have no way of knowing whether it has been fitted safely or correctly.

What are the different types of towbars?

There is more than one towbar available for most cars: a fixed towbar, a detachable towbar and a retractable towbar.

How do you wire a towbar?

Wiring a towbar takes place during the fitting. This is an intricate process which involves removing car parts and feeding wires beneath the car so you should only attempt wiring it if you know what you are doing. Here are some of the steps you should follow.

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