Dating places in barcelona

dating places in barcelona

Is Barcelona a good city for first date?

Barcelona is a romantic city! No wonder, with all the narrowed streets in the beautiful old town of El Gótico, the cities beach front, a delicious cuisine and so many romantic things to do more. It is a wonderful city for 1st dates, romantic weekend breaks and vacation time.

What are the best sites for Speed Dating in Barcelona?

Both Happy Dates and Singles Dating Barcelona are great sites for a smooth transition in to the speed dating realm. If you find yourself uninterested during the date, no worries, each round typically lasts only 4-5 minutes!

Where to stay in Barcelona as a couple?

In spring and summer the true Barcelona for couples involves roof terraces. Share a jug of sangria with ridiculous views and leave the city chaos to the peasants below! There are few more romantic than La Isabela at the Hotel 1898 – it’s in the heart of La Rambla and the 360º view and super loungey seating provide the ultimate relaxation.

Is Barcelona a romantic city?

Yes, I’ve to say it again, Barcelona is a romantic city. Narrowed streets, tiny restaurants, cafés, bars, galleries, art, beach. It is easy to forget the time and just wander around. And this is what we recommend to do as well. Leave your phones and watches at home, and wander around El Gótico, the downtown area.

When is the best time of year to visit Barcelona?

The spring and summer are the best times for open-air events such as the Barcelona Jazz Festival, Brunch in the Park, Cruïlla and Primavera Sound, but during the cooler months, you’ll find great line-ups at Barcelona’s many nightclubs. You read that right. While many associate Spain with sangria, this isn’t the typical choice in Barcelona.

Why do tourists love visiting Barcelona?

With 2,524 hours of sunshine a year, it’s no surprise Barcelona attracts so many tourists from all over the world. Coming from rainy England, seeing the sunshine is one of the great reasons why I love visiting a warm city such as Barcelona.

Is Barcelona ready to become a fashion capital?

There have been many attempts to launch Barcelona as a fashion capital, notably Gaudi Home. Beginning in the summer of 2000, the city hosted the Bread & Butter urban fashion fair until 2009, when its organisers announced that it would be returning to Berlin.

What to do in Barcelona as a first timer?

14 Essential Tips for First-Timers in Barcelona. 1 Walk everywhere. Barcelona is considered one of the world’s most walkable cities thanks to the prescient street-gridding system engineered by Ildefons ... 2 Gaudí, look up. 3 Realise Catalonia is different. 4 Find a music festival. 5 Ditch the sangria. More items

Where are the most romantic places in Barcelona?

It’s not a real romantic weekend until you get a fantastic 360º view of the city including the Sagrada Familia, the sea, and Montjuic Hill – all for the price of a metro ticket. It’s at the top of all the romantic places in Barcelona, quite literally.

Did you know Barcelona is home to this giant romantic mosaic?

Not many people know this but Barcelona is home to a massive romantic mosaic in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. It’s called “El Mundo Nace en Cada Beso” (“The World Begins with Every Kiss”) and was made by the photographer Joan Fontcuberta.

What are the best date ideas in Barcelona for couples?

Head for the lake in Barcelona’s famous Ciutadella Park and take one of the rowboats out for a spin. At six euros for half an hour it won’t break the bank and you’ll be able to splash each other silly like any self-respecting romantic comedy couple.

Where is the best place to stay in Barcelona?

There are few more romantic than La Isabela at the Hotel 1898 – it’s in the heart of La Rambla and the 360º view and super loungey seating provide the ultimate relaxation. For a cheaper option with just as good a view head to the Sky Bar at Hotel Central from 8 pm.

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