Dating an aquarius man long distance

dating an aquarius man long distance

Are You dating an Aquarius man?

Whenever you are dating an Aquarius man you have to be sure of one crucial fact – you are dating a MAN, with all the traits and hormonal issues one man has. This is exceptionally important, because many women, even those who are experienced in the game of love, oftentimes forget that men perceive things differently than women.

Why an Aquarius man suddenly becomes distant?

To understand why an Aquarius man suddenly becomes distant, you must get acquainted with the psychology of emotions. You need to realize that people have different levels of emotional threshold. All of us have a threshold, beyond which we become overwhelmed by our feelings. Aquarian men have a very low emotional threshold.

How to make an Aquarius man fall in love with you?

In order to calm his mind and regain his cool, the Aquarius man will become distant and detached. This simple secret about Aquarius men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you. 2. Revert to a Normal Routine Like all humans, Aquarian men also feel emotions. But due to being sensitive, they don’t enjoy them for long.

Why are Aquarius men so cold in relationships?

For an Aquarius man, emotional connection with a partner is a two-way street. He wants his partner to take initiative as well, and he doesn’t want to do all the work in a relationship. Since an Aquarian man is emotionally cold by nature, he will revert to his subconscious trait if you are not responding to him.

Is it difficult to date an Aquarius man?

Dating an Aquarius man is quite challenging as he is hard to read. For those who want to win his heart and keep him hooked, then have a look at our valuable tips below. How to Deal with Aquarius Man in Relationship? How to Deal with Aquarius Man in Relationship?

What do Aquarius men think about love and friendship?

In the eyes of the average Aquarian man, friendship is equally – if not more – important than passion and romance. This guy can probably do without sex if necessary, but never without buddies. And he certainly couldn’t envisage a love affair with someone who wasn’t also a good friend.

Do Aquarius men like clingy girlfriends?

For those who’ve been dating an Aquarius man, this is a very common experience. Remember that he doesn’t like a needy or clingy girlfriend; therefore, he has tendency of testing you to see whether or not you willingly give him space.

How do you know if an Aquarius man is Into You?

Aquarius is a fixed sign, after all, so they do like to take things a little slow. At this point though, you’ll definitely know if they’re interested, so sit back and relax. If they’re into you, they’ll definitely be calling again. When it comes to intimacy, Aquarius men can be a bit on the distant side — so be sure not to take that the wrong way.

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