Christmas party hook up

christmas party hook up

Do you hook up at your office Christmas parties?

But an office Christmas party hookup isn’t just a highlight of a year for the two people making out. All their coworkers get the thrill of hot, juicy gossip. In case your office is dismally drama-free, we’ve asked people for their tales of hooking up with people at their office Christmas parties to bring you secondhand joy.

Is the Christmas party still a breeding ground for bad decisions?

Stephanie’s story is one that will be familiar to most of us – while we may have moved on from the halcyon days of photocopying our bottoms, the Christmas party is still a breeding ground ripe for bad decisions (just ask Downing Street ).

What happened to Stephanie and her colleague after the party hook-up?

The party hook-up also left Stephanie and her colleague in a grey area about their professional relationship. While the pair had been acquaintances beforehand, subsequent interactions in the office afterwards were initially ‘toe-curling’.

How can I be more successful at work this Christmas?

‘Assert yourself professionally and make sure you go above and beyond in your role so peers can see that your role is more important than any Christmas party endeavours.’

Should a Christmas party be open to all employees?

However the official Christmas party should be open to all employees, and all party goers should get equal treatment. This approach fosters a sense of community instead of an “us,” and “them” mentality. Leaders set the standards for employee behavior, and the holiday party is no exception.

What are the rules for a company holiday party?

For example, RSVP and avoid drinking too much. The purpose of these rules is to prevent embarrassing or dangerous situations and ensure that attendees have a safe and pleasant time at the company holiday party. These tips apply to office parties, office Christmas parties, hybrid Christmas parties and virtual holiday parties.

How do you host a good holiday party?

The trick to hosting a good holiday party is to balance open mingling and free time with structured activities such as raffles, trivia, and holiday icebreakers. Here is a list of Christmas icebreakers to start with.

What are some tips for having a successful Christmas party?

Be sure that your guest is clear on party etiquette. If bringing your kids to a family-friendly event, then have a conversation about behavior beforehand, or consider getting a sitter or leaving early if your children are too wild to be calm for the whole party. Christmas is not the time to stick to cliques.

What are the best ways to motivate your staff over Christmas?

5. Let Your Staff Leave Early. A great incentive and reward scheme that works specifically well for salespeople is allowing them to finish work early for the Christmas holiday if they hit an (achievable) target. Whether it’s on 1st December (you’d hope not…) or 23rd, when they’ve hit the target, let them go home until January!

How do you Celebrate Christmas at work this year?

You could have a wander around your office building, singing to the other teams or the other businesses or you could go out after work one evening and make it a charitable event. Either way, a good dose of Christmas carols and a tipple of Hot Chocolate and Baileys will go down a treat (and make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside).

How can you make Christmas a bit of fun at work?

It’s a really simple idea; all your staff have to do is dress to impress, donning a Christmassy jumper and donate a few pounds. You could even make it a little more interesting and put on a competition – best (or worst) dressed wins!

How to make yourself more productive at work?

Eat a snack, go on a walk, or meditate to recharge your brain to be more effective. Stop working at a set time. If you force yourself to stop working when work is over, you will be more effective when you are actually at work. Set a firm cut off time for when work is over and stick to it.

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