Dating millers falls drill

dating millers falls drill

How did Millers Falls become so successful?

The popularity of the Millers Falls Companys drills and bit braces was, perhaps, the single greatest reason for the firms success until the 1920s, when profits from the sale of power tools and hand planes provided a much-expanded base of financial support.

When did the Millers Falls 104 hand drill come out?

The Millers Falls Companys two-speed hand drills were out of production by the late 1940s. The nos. 104 and 308 hand drills were introduced in the late 1940s along with a number of other innovatively designed models that have become known as the Buck Rogers tools.

What is the Millers Falls Company?

The Millers Falls Company was a leader in introducing hand and breast drills to the market place. Its contributions, however, were not quite the earth shaking events that the companys front office liked to make them out to be.

What is the difference between a Millers Falls 104 and 308 drill?

The No. 104 is the smaller of the two drills and has a maximum jaw size of 1/4 inch while that of the No. 308 is 3/8. At the time of their introduction, the two models were the only drills in the catalog to feature an enclosed main gear. The concept was not new to the Millers Falls Company, however.

How did Millers Falls get its name?

The villages present name derives from the Millers Falls Manufacturing Company (later the Millers Falls Company ), established on the Millers River in 1868, and famed for its fine hand tools . /  42.57917°N 72.49333°W  / 42.57917; -72.49333

What happened to Millers Falls tools?

In 1931 Millers Falls tools purchased the majority of the shares of Goodell-Pratt tools and merged with that manufacturer in 1932. In 1962 the company was acquired by Ingersoll Rand. In 1982, Ingersoll Rand sold the Millers Falls business to the newly created Millers Falls Tool Co.

When did the Goodell-Pratt Company merge with Millers Falls Company?

In 1931, the Goodell-Pratt Co. merged with the Millers Falls Co. The Goodell-Pratt Company was originally established as the Goodell Brothers in 1888 by two former employees of Millers Falls, Albert D. Goodell and Henry E. Goodell.

What happened to Ingersoll Rand Millers Falls?

Eager to incent them to stay, the state responded with a package of tax incentives, bonds, loans, and wage cuts that funded a new plant in Deerfield, MA in 1978. In 1982, Ingersoll-Rand sold the Millers Falls business to the newly-created Millers Falls Tool Co., headquartered in Alpha, NJ.

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