Contact number for zoosk dating

contact number for zoosk dating

How do I contact Zoosk?

We’ll walk you through how to find Zoosk’s contact info — no matter if you want to reach the team by phone, email, or standard mail. Call: (888) 939-6675 The main number for Zoosk is (888) 939-6675 — you can use this number for anything, whether it’s customer support, suggestions, press requests, or legal issues.

What is Zoosk dating?

As a mainstream dating site, Zoosk has taken the something-for-everyone approach to online dating, and people of all ages and races find love by browsing the database and conversing with people online.

What is Zoosk?

What is Zoosk? Zoosk is an online dating service available in more than 80 countries. How to contact Zoosk? You can contact Zoosk by phone at +1 415 362 1000. Where is Zoosk located?

Is Zoosk a scam site?

The Zoosk site collected money even though I had stated I did not want to continue. To me this is a scam site, making me sorry I ever logged on. I have been trying to change my profile only to be told that it is not accepted by them even though the only item placed was I QUIT.

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