Rollins dating lynch

rollins dating lynch

Is Becky Lynch dating Seth Rollins?

Gives Reasons - Wrestling News Plus Becky Lynch is the former SmackDown Women’s Champion but she’s also got a lot going on in her personal life as well. WWE’S double women’s champion Becky Lynch have confirmed several times that she is dating Seth Rollins and that’s as far as they have gone together.

How long have Rollins and Lynch been together?

The duos walk down the aisle comes about six months after they welcomed their first child together, daughter Roux. Rollins and Lynch, 34, first went public with their relationship in May 2019 with a black-and-white picture of them sharing a kiss. This was followed by their engagement three months later in August.

Who is Seth Rollins’ girlfriend?

Back in April of 2019, Seth made his relationship with Becky Instagram official. Sharing a photo of the couple kissing, Seth captioned the sweet image, I guess I’m allowed to post this now... before tagging the redhead bombshell.

Who was Becky Lynch’s first boyfriend?

Let’s look at it this way: UFC fighter, Luke Sanders was Becky Lynch first public boyfriend, at least that’s the much we know. Becky Lynch and Luke Sanders dated for a pretty while and wow; she dumped him and picked up an Actor, Jeff Dye; who cruised her about for no one knows how long before WWE Champion, Seth Rollins came on board.

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