Dating a prodigy

dating a prodigy

How much does prodigy cost per month?

Starting at $6.25 USD per month, this package offers everything in Prodigy Basic, plus even more features to help your child stay engaged and practice more math! For students, this includes the ability to: Track down and tame powerful EPIC creatures. Rescue 100+ Prodigy pets and evolve ALL of them.

Is prodigy math free for students?

Free for students, parents and educators. Sign up today! Make math learning fun and effective with Prodigy Math Game. Free for students, parents and educators. Sign up today!

Why should I Choose prodigy for my child?

Because of the engaging in-game features your child gets with a Membership, you’ll probably find them choosing Prodigy more often. This means more time spent using productive (and fun!) technology that can boost learning outcomes. How do we know this? We’ve seen it firsthand!

What is the difference between a prodigy membership and premium membership?

A Prodigy member rides a cloud and sports a Member Badge while a non-member walks in the dirt. Premium memberships do not provide kids with access to a better learning tool. Instead, these memberships provide kids with bragging rights and digital goodies like cool hats and cute pets.

How much does prodigy ultimate cost?

Starting at $8.33 USD per month, Prodigy Ultimate is Prodigys most comprehensive package to help your child maximize their fun AND learning! It offers everything in Prodigy Level Up, plus:

Can I purchase an additional prodigy premium membership for another child?

If you want to purchase an additional Membership for another child, you would have to cancel your current individual Membership to access the family discount. Perfect for families with more than one Prodigy player in the same household. Saves 25% on the cost for each child. 3. How long do you want your Premium Membership to last?

What is a prodigy level up membership?

This membership package is the first upgrade from a free Prodigy Basic account. A Level Up membership gives students the ability to: And for parents, Level Up means: Motivating your child with Goals, Rewards and encouraging Cheers

Is prodigy math game free to play?

Prodigy Math Game — including all its education content — is free to play. But upgrading to a Premium Membership unlocks extra rewards and game content for your child. Plus, parents like you gain access to exclusive features that help support their learning!

As a Prodigy parent, you gain access to exciting and powerful perks which help you motivate and support your childs learning journey — with ease. What’s Prodigy and why should you encourage your child to play? With 1,500+ curriculum-aligned math skills for 1st to 8th grade, Prodigy Math Game is so much more than a game.

What do parents need to know about Prodigy math?

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